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Photo Booth Faq's

Event photography with on site printing

  • How do we get the booth to our event?
    We bring the booth to you – set it up and dismantle it after the specified time it's booked for and supply an operator that looks after the booth and your guests for the duration of the hire.
  • How does the booth work?
    You push the Touchscreen button to start the process, the camera takes a series of four photos,approx 3 seconds apart. Each time a picture is taken it is displayed onto the viewing screen, at the end of the process the four pictures are displayed on the screen. The prints are then printed and collected from the front of the booth.
  • How big is the booth – is it mobile?
    The traditional booth requires a space of approx 2m x1m alongside a wall and is very portable and only needs a limited time to set .
  • How long can I hire the booth for?
    As long as you require – our packages supply the booth for up to four hours – we find this is long enough for an average event of up to 200 people, but you can order additional hours if needed.
  • Can i split my time so that the booth is 1 hour in the morning then 2 hours at night.
    No, your hours booked must be continuous or you can pay a standing fee of £15 per hour.
  • When do we get the photos?
    The photos are printed instantly – each time someone uses the booth they are printed within 10 seconds after the final picture is taken.
  • How many people can fit into the booth?
    Between 1-5 at a time
  • Can we have the event information printed on the pictures?
    Yes – there are many options to include text, logos and graphics.
  • How much is the deposit - and how do I pay?
    The deposit is £25 to secure the Fells "Fun" Booth and this can be paid by debit/credit card or using the Paypal button on the Packages screen.
  • When is the balance due?
    Balance is due before we set up the Fells "Fun" Booth at your event, this can be paid by cash or debit / credit card (no cheque's accepted on the night) or you can pay by installments whenever you want before your event.
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